Curriculum vitae of Käthe Kollwitz

1867 Käthe Schmidt is born on July 8th in Königsberg.
1885/86 studies at the women artists school in Berlin with Karl Stauffer-Bern
1888/89 painting studies in Munich with Ludwig Herterich at the school for women artists in Munich
1890 first etchings
1891 marriage with Karl Kollwitz, move to Berlin
1892 birth of son Hans
1896 birth of son Peter
1898 artistic breakthrough with "A weavers' rebellion" at the Berlin exhibition of art
1898 bis 1903 director of the Artists School Berlin
1902 bis 1908 work at the etching cycle "Peasants' war"
1904 study trip to Paris
1907 study trip to Florence
1909 beginning of sculptural arts
1914 At the age of 18 the younger son Peter dies as a war volunteer in Flanders.
1917/1918 big anniversary exhibition at the Gallery Cassirer in Berlin
1919 her appointment as a member of the Prussian Academy of Arts (she is the first women) and simultaneous conferment of the professorate;
beginning of woodart technique
1922 bis 1924 work on the woodart sequence "War"
1927 trip to the Soviet Union
1928 Käthe Kollwitz is commissioned to lead the master class of graphic arts at the Academy.
1929 She is awarded the medal "Pour le mérite"of the science of art.
1932 erection of the memorial "The Parents" for the fallen son at the soldiers' cemetary in Roggefelde/Flanders
1933 forced by the National Socialists to leave the Prussian Academy of Arts, removal from office as the leader of the master class for graphic arts;
loss of her studio
1934 bis 1942 The sequence of eight litographs on the topic "Death" is published. In the following years most of her sculptures are made.
1936 unofficial prohibition of her exhibitions
1942 last print made "Saatfrüchte sollen nicht vermahlen werden"
1943 flight from Berlin;
destruction of her flat and destruction of many works
1945 Käthe Kollwitz dies on April 22nd in Moritzburg


Karl und Kaethe Kollwitz Der Weberzug Kaethe Kollwitz um 1900 Ruf des Todes Kollwitzhaus, Blick vom Balkon